2022 local domestic and family violence committee grants successful recipients

Committee Name Project Name Project Summary
CDACC - Domestic Violence Committee CDACC -DVC healthy minds with art therapy and food

Providing skills with art therapy, exercise and yoga to build resilience including provide cooking skills through food and for thought from different nations to meet new people.

Project will provide flyers, information sessions, case management, food hampers, clothing and other needs.

Campbelltown Domestic Violence Committee Speak Out Speak Up - Raising Awareness
For the 2022 16 Days of Activism Against GBV events, Launching & Unveiling the Purple Bench project and Driving Out Violence Convoy, and our 2023 activities, CDVC wish to promote events via social media and the website with an advertising campaign to boost messages with the slogan Speak Out Speak Up to reach a wider audience.  CDVC needs to reprint core resources and promotional material for event attendees, such as, the Women's Pocket Card, banner pens, and postcards with slogans and contacts to raise awareness in the community, also to distribute to member agencies and clients.‍
Tamworth Domestic and Family Violence Committee Make a Change  A 2 hour self defense class for women and girls. There will be  2 professional trainers on site teaching and supervising the class. There will be bags for each of the people in attendance, these will have information regarding the help and services that are available in our area, there will be drink bottles, pens, balloons and other items. After the class we will have a BBQ with support service there incase anyone needs assistance or advise. We will also get our posters and stickers made to distribute around the community. Media will also be in attendance.
Cessnock Domestic and Family Violence Network Our Community Says NO to Domestic and Family Violence The COASTER PROJECT - The Cessnock DFV Network annually conducts a community wide campaign of “Our Community Says No to Domestic and Family Violence” during the 16 days of Activism, using existing resources including: Corflutes displayed on all Cessnock Council waste disposal bins, and other locations including the Cessnock Walks Kawuma (CWK) event on 30th November 2022. The message is also provided on Street Banner flag poles across the LGA. The COASTER PROJECT will target local licensed premises with drink Coasters  using the message of "Our Community Says No to Domestic and Family Violence" as well as the CWK logo.
Central West Family Support Group Inc Condobolin White Ribbon Day March

Condobolin Domestic and Family Advocacy Network White Ribbon Day March and family fun afternoon aims to bring community members to come together to support each other and raise awareness and advocate against men's violence against women. 

It is also an opportunity for both local and outreach services to engage with the community and promote the services they offer to Condobolin including legal services and mental health services.

Lismore Domestic Violence Liaison Committee Healthy Relationships Art Campaign

Women Up North is Secretariat and auspice  for Lismore Domestic Violence Liaison Committee and Love Bites northern NSW committee The committees have a collection of art works created by women and Year 10 Students promoting Healthy Relationships designed for distribution to the public to promote Consent and Healthy Relationships and DFV awareness. 

The project will make the messages of this art work accessible to the general public by printing  and displaying it in cafes, community sites and  local high schools as well as sharing on our Social Media platforms and website and sharing with the media.

Dubbo Violence Prevention Collective Shark Cage Facilitator Network This project will support the development of a network of trained facilitators in the Shark Cage Framework in the Dubbo area to deliver group programs & prevention programs to women and girls. This program can be used when working with individual women/girls and in group settings who have experienced more than one instance of abuse in their lives and may have begun to internalise social messages of victim blaming. It can also be used in a preventative way in multiples settings, including schools, to increase young women’s understanding of their rights and awareness of abusive behaviours.
Balranald & Euston Violence & Abuse Interagency Balranald Euston Awareness & Education Project Following the success of the first DFV Services Forum in Balranald in August 2022, four key activities were agreed on to raise community awareness and education within the community. Activity 1: developing, and printing 2000 discreet purse pack cards to provide contact information on key support services to victims. Activity 2: purchase 200 white hats and markers for high school students to create anti-violence messages during the Love Bites RRE program. Activity 3: 2000 postcards with key anti-violence messages designed by school students printed. Activity 4: Student design competition for postcards/service cards.
Clarence Valley Domestic and Family Violence Committee Community Development. Domestic and Family Violence Awareness Projects

A free community breakfast BBQ will be held in the carpark of the local library. Banners showing the terrible impact of domestic violence and Lovebite posters will be displayed. A resource kit will be available.  Local dignitaries and School Year advisers will be invited. Support workers and counsellors will also be present. 

An information stall will be at Yamba Markets on 27/11/22. 

Coffee cups displaying the Committee's logo, information about healthy relationships and where to go for help will be distributed to local cafes during 16 days of activism and Domestic Violence Awareness month ; May 2023.

Illawarra Committee Against Domestic Violence Raise awareness of the impacts of violence against women and children The committee would like to purchase white ribbons and/or USB pens that can store important information for victims of DFV.  The pens will have the ICADV booklet stored on it with important support services available.  These will be used to hand out at white ribbon events and any other time we are raising awareness of the serious impacts of DFV on women and children within our local areas. We have found this a fantastic way to connect with the community and start important conversations around DFV. We also can offer assistance or warm referrals to services if requested.
Newcastle Domestic Violence Committee DV Resources for women with disabilities We will print and produce mainstream DFV resources such as the Charmed and Dangerous booklet (Legal Aid) for women who may have intellectual, learning or sight difficulties. Currently there are only2 of these in the Newcastle area and due to the cost of printing women who have disability barriers often dont have equal access to important information about DV or how to access support. The Newcastle DV Committee will collaborate with specialist services such as WDVCAS and CDAH (Community Disability Alliance Hunter) print up to 150 copies of "easy read" special print resources for this vulnerable group in our community.
Upper Hunter Domestic Violence Committee Heart felt

The project will consist of a Mixed Media Creative Arts workshop.  The workshop will create symbolic Hearts shapes in memory of woman who have lost their lives due to Domestic & Family Violence.  The event will culminate in a public display across our region on the 1st Wednesday in May which is a national day of mourning.

Each year on this day we hold Candle Light Vigils to remember those who have lost their lives & also to raise awareness of Domestic Violence in our area.  Last year 5 services were held simultaneously

LGBTIQ Domestic and Family violence Interagency NSW LGBTIQ DFV Interagency World Pride Fair Day and  engagement with diverse communities The Interagency would use the funds to hold a stall at Fair Day. Due to Sydney WorldPride 2023, it is expected that a total of 20K community members will attend this event. We will distribute information raising awareness of DFV in our communities and referral and contact details for people who may be experiencing violence. We will provide promotional materials with messaging around healthy relationships and will aim to engage priority populations. If there are remaining funds, we will aim to produce an awareness-raising resource or event for LGBTIQ people, potentially partnering with specialist organisations or community groups.
Maitland Domestic Violence Committee Moving Against Domestic Abuse

Annual Family fun run & festival - with information stalls and family friendly festival atmosphere. 

To be held in Maitland CBD (similar route to the river run). Raising awareness/education and fundraising event. 

- Engage the Maitland community, local sporting teams etc. 

- Participants will receive a promotional/educational pack upon registering 

- Registration fees to be donated to local DV service or go back into the DV committee for further events/projects

Wentworth /Dareton Violence & Abuse Interagency Wentworth Dareton Domestic Violence Services Forum A domestic and family violence services forum will be held in Dareton on 8 December 2022. The forum will bring together service providers in the Dareton and Wentworth communities to gain an understanding of the supports available to the communities for those experiencing or using DFV. This will promote a more coordinated and holistic response with the aim to increase safety and wellbeing for victims & survivors of DFV.
Southern Highlands Domestic Violence Forum Raising awareness of local DFV supports This project will raise awareness of local domestic and family violence (DFV) supports and promote information hosted on the new Southern Highlands Domestic Violence Forum website. To date the Forum has had a presence on Facebook, however in 2022-2023 the Forum aims to improve its online presence and provide tailored local information on a new website. This project will use posters in public locations and stickers on bins to raise awareness of DFV and direct people to the information on this new site. The resources developed as part of this project will be launched at a pre-arranged charity golf day.
St George Local Domestic Violence Committee Candlelight Vigil National Remembrance Day for women and children killed as a result of domestic and family violence is held every year on the first Wednesday in May. On the 3rd May, 2023 the St George DV Committee will hold a Candlelight Vigil in conjunction with the Georges River and Bayside Local Councils. This will be an evening event bringing the community together to pay our respects to the homicide victims of domestic and family violence. As yet we have not established a memorial site but Georges River Council are providing the Library and Plaza area in Kogarah for this event.
Wellington Family & Domestic Violence Collective White Ribbon Ambrose

White Ribbon Ambrose Charity Golf Day.

The Day will be run in conjunction with Wellington Golf Club - to raise awareness within the community of the impact of violence against women and children.  The Golf component is to create appeal to a different social demographic, predominantly male, whilst promoting the awareness required for social change in respect of family and domestic violence.   Local service providers will partner with the Wellington Family & Domestic Violence Collective to provide information about local services to support Men, women and children who are victims of family and domestic violence.

Broken Hill Local Domestic Violence Committee Stop Domestic Violence in the Outback

Provide educational information to the community and raise awareness of the impact of Domestic Violence on the social, emotional and psychological wellbeing of women and children.

Purple Ribbon Day

Information stall at the local shopping centre handing brochures and balloons to children to promote that sexual assault and violence against children is not acceptable.

Red Rose Day

This day is remembrance for victims who have died as result of Domestic Violence.

International Womens Day

Community events which include guest speakers and entertainment

Lower North Shore Domestic Violence Network NSW Consent in Intimacy Laws Update Workshop

The NSW consent laws changed on June 1, 2022 and the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Consent Reforms) Act 2021 implemented consent reforms.   

The aim of this workshop is to equip people with information to empower themselves and others to check consent every time they engage in sexual activity and address the harmful attitudes that continue to contribute to non-consensual sexual activity.

The workshop will be led by the Women's Legal Service NSW and enhanced by a panel of local services to promote discussion around this important issue.

Tweed Domestic Violence Integrated Response Committee Tweed DVIRC Impact Fund Project

The Impact Fund is an initiative of the Tweed Shire Domestic Violence Integrated Response Committee (DVIRC). The committee is comprised of representatives from organisations, government agencies and private practices who work collaboratively for the benefit of women and children impacted by domestic and family violence. The Impact Fund exists to assist women and their children experiencing domestic and/or family violence in circumstances where they are financially unable to do so, and where other

avenues of material aid have been exhausted. Funds sought will provide direct material aid to women and children and increase awareness of other supports in our community.

Forbes Domestic Violence Committee Love Bites

We are looking at running love bites for year 9 & 10 students at the high schools in Forbes. 

Love Bites is a Respectful Relationships Education Program for young people aged 15-17 years. This is to promote awareness in Schools and younger children around Domestic Violence & safe respectful relationships. During the program there is an activity where the children will participate in an art project such as designing a hat &/or tee - shirts. They will have the chance to create their own design using art supplies.

Kempsey Domestic Violence Monitoring Committee Kempsey DV Resources The Kempsey DVMC will purchase DV related goods for all community events that will occur prior to June 2023. This will include pens, stickers, ceramic cups. small keyring torches and bubble wands for children. Community events include 16 Days of Activism to End Gendered Violence, festive  events, International Womens Day and Child Protection Week and preparation for NAIDOC celebrations.
Cowra Domestic Violence Committee DV Awareness & Education - Cowra To raise awareness of DV and the support services available within the Cowra area the DV Committee will undertake several activities including: printing drink coasters, DV cards and pens with DV messaging for victims and perpetrators, and support services details.  Early intervention strategies will include: facilitating Love Bites healthy relationships program into local schools with art supplies, prizes and BBQs, holding a Purple Day for schools to wear a purple item, create a DV message for class prizes and community promotion.
Lithgow Cares White Ribbon Barbers Shop Violence Prevention Promotion

Lithgow Cares Committee previously produced a variety of resources for women victim-survivors escaping D&FV

This year the committee would like to further engage men in efforts to eradicate D&FV, and to challenge the stereotypes of masculinity.  

Drawing upon the White Ribbon Barber Shop resources, the Lithgow Cares Committee plans to develop partnerships with key businesses, community services and organisations to:

1) promote the WR Barber Shop resources throughout the community

2) host a workshop to resource identified community supporters around the content of the Barbers Shop themes

3) promotion of resources and referral points for men who require support

Parkes Domestic & Family Violence Committee Love Bites and White Ribbon Information/Cake Stall.

Activity 1: The Love Bites program will be delivered to Year 9 students at Parkes High, Forbes High, Peak Hill Central and Trundle Central Schools. Students will design caps during the creative session of the program. Students and facilitators will have a sausage sizzle lunch together to encourage conversation regarding available support services.

Activity 2: A White Ribbon Cake/Information Stall to be held on Friday 25th November. The stall will be set up in the main street and be manned by members of the PDFVC. Local contact cards and White Ribbon merchandise will be distributed on the day.

Camden/Wollondilly Domestic Violence Committee DV Resources

The Camden/Wollondilly DV Committee are committed to resourcing our community around Domestic and Family Violence. 

This grant will allow the Committee to meet and formalise a decision on what DV resources the community currently needs. This could include pull out pens with DV resources, DV cards, DV poster.

The DV Committee will consult with some key service providers and assess the most significant need for resources and progress from that decision.

Warrumbungle Domestic Violence Commtittee Rejecting Violence - Encourage Positive Messages Our project is designed to raise awareness of the destructive impacts of domestic and family  by reinforcing messages about positive behaviours and social norms rejecting domestic and family violence through the distribution of signage/posters and flyers across the community. The posters and flyers will be distributed through our local Domestic violence committee and Interagency network to ensure local targeting by relevant businesses and organisations.
Wagga Wagga Domestic Violence Liason Committee 2022/23- No More Silence No More Silence is a research-based campaign with three principal aims: To raise awareness about the prevalence of and what constitutes domestic and family violence  in our community. To provide information about specialist support services available. The Campaign develops and produces resources specific to our area in relation to service and supports available for domestic and family violence. The campaign has adapted different resources each year- magnets, cards, posters, sticker and coasters. All resources are distributed throughout the community during the year to increase awareness.
Kyogle Anti Violence Alliance (KAVA) KAVA KAVA will host a community engagement/call to action/KAVA promotion/invite to join in event in conjunction with a local community activity that happens monthly, The Bazaar.  We aim to contribute to the prevention of gendered violence by creating initiatives that are community led and encourage community members and local and regional outreach services to become involved in our alliance. We hope to build our alliance and further promote this opportunity. Furthermore, as part of our call to action we want to develop a resource that that is engaging to distribute widely throughout our community and continue to build our webpage.
Mid Western People Against Violence 2023 MPAV Women’s Week lunch

NSW Women’s Week is a chance for women and girls across the state to come together to support one another, share information and celebrate women’s achievements.

Mid-Western People Against Violence (MPAV) assists the Mudgee region to celebrate Woman's Week by hosting a luncheon that is attended by many women from the community.  Guest speakers are invited to join the celebrations and to engage the audience with their real life stories of empowerment, gratitude, achievements and success.  MPAV have secured a well known Australian journalist for our guest speaker for 2023.

Lake Macquarie Domestic Violence Commitee Promotional Material- LM Police DV Fun Day The committee will use funds to purchase promotional resources and participate in Lake Macquarie Police DV Day on 27/11/22. This is a key city wide awareness event coordinated by NSW Police. Items include banners, information kits, dv cards, bags, T-shirts and stickers with campaign message 'Love Shouldn't Hurt' and 1800 RESPECT printed on them. Resources assist the LMDV committee to increase awareness of services and assistance available and be an active participant at this event. Our campaigns are a grassroots way to encourage societal change by challenging our thoughts and actions as a community in our response to violence.
Shoalhaven Domestic and Family Violence Committee Shoalhaven DFV Committee 2022-23 Work plan The Shoalhaven Domestic and Family Violence Committee are hosting a well-being session for workers in the domestic and family violence sector.  This session will include a speaker and a mindfulness activity. The committee recognises the need to support workers in this area, to assist them to avoid vicarious trauma and so they are be better able to support clients and their families through the impact of domestic violence.   This event will be held as  part of the committee's activities in the 16 Days of Activism in 2022.  We will also be promoting Shoalhaven DFV services via various avenues.
Coonamble DV Collective DV Awareness Projects 2023

Walk a Mile Coonamble Style. This will be a White Ribbon March raising awareness for DV in the Community. The march will see a number of services, schools, Police and community marching through the main street in aid of raising awareness in the community. Following the march there will be information stalls and a free breakfast in the park.

DV Collective will be facilitating regular early intervention programs such as Love Bites and Rules in Relationships in local schools. 

DV Collective will also be developing local information resources such as banner pens that will have information about local support services.

Griffith Local Domestic Violence Committee Griffith Local Domestic Violence Committee - Twilight Family Fun Day

This year in the 16 Days of Activism the Griffith Local Domestic Violence Committee (GLDVC) prepose to hold an evening event called Twilight Family Fun Day on 08/12/2022 from 4 - 7pm. 

The event creates an opportunity to promote healthy family relationships whilst playing games and activities in a fun /friendly outdoor setting. 

Live music and BBQ will be provided for families. Activities will include: Jumping castle, mega outdoor board games, street performer, face painting, drum beat etc.

Service information packs available include: relevant DFV / healthy relationships brochures and where to seek assistance. 

Free event organised by GLDVC.

Byron Shire Committee Against Domestic and Family Violence Haus of Armour I work as a Domestic Violence caseworker with the Women’s Resource Service and have created a program called Haus of Armour. Haus of Armour addresses the low self worth and poor self image of women who are victim survivors of Domestic Violence and uses fashion as a means to empower and transform women. recreating their sense of self, rebuilding their confidence and restoring their dignity. Haus of Armour will provide 16 women with a Free personlised styling experience to be offered during the 16 days of Activism.
Port Macquarie Hastings Domestic Violence Committee Recognise, Respond and Refer for Disability Support

This project invites disability support workers to education sessions to increase awareness about the unique experience of DFV for women with a disability, to help them recognise the signs their client may be experiencing DFV, and respond safely.

The event includes DFV specialist services, Police, court advocacy and legal to speak about the role each organisation plays in supporting women and children experiencing DFV.


 - Increase awareness about local support services

 - Provide referral pathways and resources to support workers to improve the safety of the women and children they support

 - Increase awareness of the drivers, experiences and impacts of DFV

Blue Mountains Coalition Against Violence and Abuse Strong Together The Strong Together project brings together men and women in the Blue Mountains to work in partnership to raise awareness about gendered violence. Commencing at the Mayor's Men Against Violence Breakfast, the event, the first event for the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence, attracts a wide range of community members, targeting and working with men, to attend and listen to presentations from the Mayor, local high schools and male champions of change. The day begins a series of activities across the following 16 days, that challenge the cultural norms that lead to violence against women and children.
Parramatta Cumberland Family and Domestic Violence Prevention Committee Racing to Safety

The purpose of this event is to: “Advocate the need of an integrated, well-funded system for Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) survivors by showcasing how the current system is underfunded and chaotic”. 

The project approach for this event is to showcase the need for change in the system towards providing relief and care for DFV survivors through an Amazing Race model. The event will use case studies as a place for activities and patrons will travel from Parramatta to Merrylands to complete the race.

Community Violence Prevention Team E Safety Project This project will see E Safety training for the staff of local services and other community members at a local venue, with a light lunch provided with the opportunities for interagency and community collaboration.  E Safety is a growing problem and ways to combat this in the community is essential, especially for the safety of young vulnerable women.

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17 Nov 2022

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