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Sector workforce development and training

Last published on 19 Mar 2020 in News

The PSP Learning Hub provides workforce development and training to case workers and practitioners. The service is primarily aimed at people working in NGOs although DCJ staff can use the service too.

The PSP Learning Hub is delivered by Curijo and provides:

  • a dedicated website with PSP information and resources and online training, covering topics from legal issues to cultural planning
  • face-to-face training
  • coaching and mentoring
  • communities of practice

The PSP Learning Hub provides services for all PSP FSPs, not just Aboriginal providers.   It covers key learning areas across the entire permanency spectrum - preservation, restoration, guardianship and adoption.
Initial services began in November 2019.  Curijo is in continuous consultation with NGOs and Communities and Justice to check in on how the learning hub can best support the sector. New resources are regularly added to the hub.
You can visit the PSP Learning Hub here.

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