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NSW Government invests in women's future

Last published on 18 Dec 2020 in Media Releases

A social enterprise which harnesses the power of food and connection is one of 13 organisations which will receive a grant as part of the NSW Government’s $425,000 Investing in Women fund, designed to increase women’s economic opportunities.

Minister for Women Bronnie Taylor said the successful programs would foster women’s wellbeing from a grassroots level.

“These initiatives are all about helping vulnerable women get back on their feet, rediscover their confidence and find financial independence,” said Mrs Taylor.

“All of the programs will empower women by giving them the tools they need to make a better life for themselves and those close to them.”

Sydney social enterprise Two Good Co will use their grant to run five of their seven-week culinary therapy courses to support approximately 50 women.

Participants will learn kitchen and garden basics, get certified in food hygiene and hear from industry experts about what it’s like to turn a passion for cooking into a career.

Social Impact Manager Alex Nagle said the Cook and Connect courses would help women from two particularly at-risk cohorts.

“Women of all ages experience crisis. Food has the power to bring both young and old together to build connections and a sense of belonging. Bridging the generation gap improves social outcomes, supports mental well-being and broadens perspectives. These positive new experiences are pivotal to shaping a brighter future.”

Christina Curtis is one of the women who has already completed the course.

“The teachers made me feel comfortable and safe. As a mum of seven, I thought I knew everything, but I didn’t even know how to cut an onion properly,” she said.

“By the time we graduated, my confidence was much better and I was asked to do some casual work with Two Good’s Christmas products. I can now buy my kids Christmas presents. I feel like a better mum for them now - a whole new role model.”

Since 2013, the Investing in Women Funding Program has provided more than $2.3 million to projects that support women. For more information, visit

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