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The State energy network has been particularly impacted by the fires, and as authorities work to repair the damage caused by the fires, it is advised that various energy conservation measures in all corporate office buildings be implemented including:

  • closing of all external blinds – particularly on windows subject to direct afternoon sunlight
  • shutting down all unused computers and office equipment
  • turning off equipment, air conditioning and lights in all unused spaces.

All sites are encouraged to adopt similar energy conservation measures where they do not affect health, safety or the prevention of key and critical business activities.

A major energy consumer is building air-conditioning. Please ensure minimal use of air-conditioning if there is an ability to control it. Where possible, please co-locate to areas occupied by other staff to minimise the use of lighting and air-conditioning in your building.

In a number of locations building air-conditioners have not been able to filter out the extent of the smoke in the atmosphere. This is not a system fault, but instead it is a reflection of the extreme conditions across the State.

Please limit opening of external doors and windows at times of heavy smoke. If you are affected by the smoke please speak to your manager about the possibility of working from another location.

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Last updated: 15 Jan 2020