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Family and Community Services Insights Analysis and Research (FACSIAR)

Family and Community Services Insights Analysis and Research (FACSIAR) is a centre of excellence in human services insights, analysis and research that operates within DCJ. FACSIAR’s vision is to support the NSW Government to achieve outcomes for children, families and communities through evidence-based decision making.

Our work helps us to understand the areas of child protection, domestic and family violence, out-of-home care, social housing, homelessness, disability, ageing and the human services sector’s resourcing and business operations.

We provide data and evidence to better identify:

  • Who do we need to help?
  • What do their lives looks like?
  • What works for communities and clients?
  • How can we deliver real and lasting outcomes for as many people as possible?
  • Which areas should we prioritise?
  • Are we being as effective and efficient as possible?

FACSIAR regularly partners with other government agencies, universities, national reporting bodies, industry peak bodies, not for profit organisations, service providers, and research organisations. We lead specific projects, data linkage, research and evaluation activities, and deliver seminars and evidence to action podcasts and events. This work helps to drive the use of human services evidence within DCJ and by external stakeholders so that the NSW Government can deliver better outcomes for citizens. FACSIAR regularly shares findings and insights to drive the use of evidence and data in policy and practice.

For more information visit FACS Insights, Analysis and Research (FACSIAR).

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Last updated: 14 Dec 2020