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Undertake Internal Research

Why is this research activity important?

Undertaking internal research is important as it:

  • harnesses the existing skills, experience and knowledge of Communities and Justice research staff to generate and capture new knowledge that can be directly implemented
  • provides timely advice for decision makers through the analysis of the most recent administrative data available
  • generates an organisational culture of contributing to evidence-based decision making, policy development and practice innovation
  • improves the rigour of policies as it will facilitate early and ongoing engagement with policy makers.

What will this look like?

  • Communities and Justice research staff continue to undertake new and rigorous research that focuses on closing evidence gaps
  • research staff synthesise existing research to inform service delivery and policy development in Communities and Justice focus areas, including literature reviews and evidence gap analyses
  • research staff apply rigorous statistical methods to analyse existing data to improve our understanding of client need, system performance and effective service delivery
  • specialist research areas collaborate with policy makers and practitioners to generate new knowledge about what works for clients and communities.

This research activity will be led by the Centres of Research within Communities and Justice. These are:

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Last updated: 14 Dec 2020