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Shining a light
Gemma's story, mother
Michael's story, father
Olivia's story, caseworker
Believe in me
Elissia's story, mother
Terri's story, caseworker
Believe in me video transcript
Culture and connection
To belong
Harry's story
Amber's story, caseworker
To Belong video transcript
Unconditional love
Margaret's story, caseworker
Robyn's story, mother
Previous years
Shining a light 2020
A father's love
A father's love transcript
Unconditional love
Unconditional love transcript
You are not what they say you are
Hope, 15 years old
Sarah, child protection caseworker
The scars we carry
A little bit of help
Katherine, mother
Little miracle
Caitlin, prenatal caseworker
Shining a light 2019
I am somebody
Jayda, 12 years old
Jayda's story
Mort, grandfather
Emma, caseworker
Morgan, 11 years old
Angela, mother
Liz, caseworker
Robyn, caseworker
Karla, mother
Joel, caseworker
Jalil, 14 years old
The change I want to see
Ella, mother
James, caseworker
Turning point
Annette, mother
Zoe, caseworker
Best friends
And grace will lead me home
Jada, mother
Tash, caseworker
Shining a light 2018
Sarah and Laura-Lee’s story
Dianne and Jane’s story
Adam and Jodie’s story
Shining a light 2017
Come to the river
Shammurri means strong woman
One brave girl
Home by the sea
The best teacher of all
Open doors
Safe as houses
The best use of me
Young hearts
Trust and acceptance
Brave and strong
Fresh start
A letter from my dad
Dreaming big
Just like everyone else
A mother's care
Shining a light 2016
Standing on my own
Shoulder to shoulder
Fierce love
The mantra
Breathing space
World at her feet
My life has freedom
Staying connected
Digging deep
Seen and heard
Now look where we are
Building dignity
Find missing pieces
Dreams can come true
A safe house
Quietly confident
Shining a light 2015
Second chance
School is where the heart is
Circle of hope
Mother's Day
Red flags
Shining a light 2014
It felt like we were a team
Baby steps
A gift of great value
Full house
Count to 10
Shining a light 2013

Community inclusion

Community inclusion overview
Disability and inclusion
NSW Disability Inclusion Plan
DCJ Disability Inclusion Action Plan
The case for inclusion
Our plan
Case Worker Development Program
Inclusive Design Workshop
Core and Cluster Program
Inclusion Playbook
Person-centred LifeStory Profile
Good news and updates
What we've achieved so far
Consultation and engagement
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Review of the Disability Inclusion Act
Discussion paper
How the Act started and the NDIS
What the Act sets out to achieve
Disability Council NSW
Funding for supports and services
Miscellaneous provisions
Lift and Change facilities
Disability employment
Looking for a job
DCJ Inclusion Strategy
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Disability Council NSW
About the Disability Council
Our purpose, priorities and vision
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Community Housing Industry Council
NSW Carers Advisory Council
Member biographies
NSW Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing
MACA overview
MACA members
MACA meetings
MACA Media Awards
MACA Media Awards 2021
MACA Media Awards 2019
MACA contacts
About carers
Helpful resources for carers
NSW Carers Strategy
NSW Carers (Recognition) Act
Carer projects we fund
Carer stories
Carers events
Ageing Well in NSW: Seniors Strategy 2021–2031
About the strategy
Why we need the strategy
Events and projects
Art of Ageing
About the exhibitions
Photographer – Julie Slavin
Photographer – Kerri Ambler
Photographer – Tayla Martin
Photographer – Tim White
Photographer – Tina Milson
Photographer – Trevor Green
NSW tour timetable
The Art of Ageing 2018-2019 exhibition
Photographer – Tayla Martin
Photographer – Tim White
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Photographer - Tina Milson
Photographer – Kerri Ambler
The Art of Ageing 2016 exhibition
Our consultations
Multicultural communities
DCJ Multicultural Plan
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Housing and homelessness

Living in Social Housing
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Tenancy Hub
Through the lens
Home at last
Kim and Karma's story transcript
Room to grow
Daniel's story transcript
Free to start again
Garry's story transcript
Strong connections
Tanya's story transcript
Becoming Blair
Blair's story transcript
All because of me
Ella's story transcript

Legal and justice

Bereavement Payment Scheme
Justice Advocacy Service
Guardians ad Litem
What is a Guardian ad Litem (GAL)?
Information for GALs
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Mandatory Disease Testing Scheme
Surveillance Devices Commissioner
Court Appointed Questioner
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Domestic Violence Support Services
Information for Defendants
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JPs' 50 years of service ceremony
24 November 2022
9 November 2022
20 October 2022
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JP Online
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Justice Reinvestment
Legal Representation
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Aboriginal Services Unit
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News and media

Information for journalists
Filming and image requests
Media releases archive
New chief justice for nsw
New police oversight Commissioner
Scholarships help youth shine
Tackling homelessness together
NSW cheers hero volunteers
Social housing amnesty launched
Stopping street harassment
Housing boost combats homelessness
Bail reforms pass NSW Parliament
New Legal Aid CEO announced
Open Justice Report
Firm action to fight homelessness
Home and hope for vulnerable women
Ombudsman bill passes lower house
NSW celebrates 850,000 carers
No doubt about consent campaign
Review of serious road crime
Official opening of Grace's Place
2022 NSW Volunteer of the year
Demonstration Page
Consent law reform
Make the call to end elder abuse
Sexual assault reports spike
Major milestone for NDIS in NSW
Fraud sentences under review
Coercive control reform
NSW asks 'Are They Triple OK'
Helping seniors stay social
Being found was bingo for Bluey
The Bowraville murders
Helping NSW seniors stay social
More support for most vulnerable
Make your mark on graffiti laws
A watchword for women's safety
Defamation reforms to become law
New NCAT facility for Parramatta
Drug Court expands to Dubbo
New judge to lead NSW Drug Court
NSW the state of volunteering
The art of preventing graffiti
NSW prisons - a day in the life
Michael Anthony Guider
News archive
New MyHousing app goes live
Fantasy tops inmate reading list

Resource centre

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Capacity Toolkit
Easy Read resources
Easy Read resources - Disability
Easy Read resources - Abuse
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Change Together
Out of Home Care and Permanency Support Program
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PCMP Rules and Practice guidance
Roles and responsibilities
Transfer of case responsibility
Resolving disputes
Legal practice
Information exchange
Alternative dispute resolution
Court proceedings
Providing evidence
Court outcomes
Developing a care plan
Interim court orders and STCOs
Section 76 or 82 reports
New court proceedings
Policy statement
Practice minutes
Away from Placement Policy
Critical Events Policy
Safety in Care
Permanency Pathways
Leaving and After Care
Developing a Leaving and After Care Plan
Key elements of a Leaving Care Plan
Culture and connection
Health and well-being
Training and employment
Living skills
Legal matters for teens
Work and development orders
Accommodation options
Financial assistance as part of a leaving care plan
Summer’s plan
Steven’s plan
Liz’s plan
Eka’s plan
Fiona’s plan
Brandon’s plan
Joe’s plan
Amina’s Plan
Kylan’s plan
Hala’s plan
Leaving and after care resources
After care support and assistance
After care support
Leaving Care Planning and the NDIS
Legal matters
Short Term Court Orders
Resources directory
Supporting domestic, family and sexual violence services
DFSV programs and funding
Staying Home Leaving Violence
Rent Choice Start Safely
Men's Behaviour Change Programs
NSW Sexual Violence Project Fund
National Partnership Agreement
Deliver services to children and families
Early intervention services
Spotlight on Targeted Earlier Intervention
Staying power
Staying power transcript
A strong confident mum
A place to belong
A place to belong transcript
Breaking down barriers
We're all in this together


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We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the First Nations Peoples of NSW and pay our respects to Elders past, present, and future. 

Informed by lessons of the past, Department of Communities and Justice is improving how we work with Aboriginal people and communities. We listen and learn from the knowledge, strength and resilience of Stolen Generations Survivors, Aboriginal Elders and Aboriginal communities.

You can access our apology to the Stolen Generations.

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