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Facebook auction of inmate art raises $1,410 for Foodbank Friday

Last published on 21 Feb 2020 in News

Five NSW inmates who donated artworks to be auctioned on Facebook have helped raise $1,410 for the Foodbank Bushfire Emergency Relief Appeal.

Corrective Services NSW launched the auction on Tuesday and when the hammer went down at 11am today, the five artworks had attracted 55 bids, with one work raising $330 alone for the charity.

Macquarie Governor Brett Lees said the auction result was greater than expected and the inmate-artists were thrilled.

“Like the rest of the community, the inmates at Macquarie have been really affected by the bushfires, floods and drought and the impact these extreme weather conditions are having on the Australian people,” Mr Lees said.

“This was an opportunity for them to help contribute to the relief and rebuilding efforts and to show they care. We’re pleased and proud to be able to donate this money to Foodbank NSW on their behalf.”

The paintings on canvas measure 60x60cm and were mostly inspired by the recent bushfire emergency.

Habitat Trauma, by 46-year-old Vin depicts a teary koala clinging to a fire-fighting hose and sold for $280. Vin describes the work as “fauna in distress emits the latest national emergency”.

Desert Dreaming, by Aboriginal artist Lloyd features boomerangs, stars and other Indigenous motifs and sold for $285. Lloyd says his work is about “paying respect to all
influences of my culture”.

Lost Souls, by Ryan is a sepia-toned work based on the theme of social concepts and sold for $260. Ryan describes it as “the hopeless searchers, looking for meaning”.

River Run, by Aboriginal inmate Gavin is a dot painting with platypus motif, which the artist says was “painted in memory of our river connection”. It sold for $330.

Heroes in Orange, by Bruce is a tribute to our Rural Fire Service Volunteers and sold for $255. Bruce says the portrait depicts the “bravery of firefighters risking their lives”.

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