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Wellington officers praised for response

Last published on 22 Jul 2020 in Media Statements

Two Wellington Correctional Centre officers have been recognised for their outstanding communication and leadership during a disturbance at the centre on 11 April.

Senior Correctional Officers Christopher Quinn and Drew Stone were awarded Assistant Commissioner Commendations at a ceremony at the centre, which also acknowledged the work of Wellington, Macquarie and Security Operations Group staff.

Wellington Governor Louise Smith said officers showed great professionalism in responding to the incident, in which inmates destroyed property and threatened violence.

“Christopher maintained a calm, professional demeanour, and without his knowledge and experience relating to the cameras and identification of offenders, the situation would not have been managed as effectively,” she said.

“Drew was instrumental in leading the response, demonstrating outstanding leadership, collaboration and effective communication in managing the unfolding incident.

“I’m also very appreciative of the support provided by all staff during the major disturbance, not just from custodial ranks at Macquarie and Wellington, but staff from all disciplines, including SOG, administration, Justice Health, programs, chaplaincy, industries and case management staff.”

Mr Quinn received the award for providing clear advice to response staff on the ground, controlling cameras and relaying information to management as the event unfolded.

Mr Stone was recognised for his work in the Immediate Action Team, providing clear orders to responding staff while they managed multiple incidents, including the destruction of property and a cell fire.

Inmates damaged windows and shade awnings in their accommodation blocks and yards during the disturbance.

Other damaged property included a fridge, microwave, telephone and exercise equipment in the inmates’ common area, and fire damage to some bed linen and rubbish in one cell.

Significantly, there were no major injuries to staff or inmates.

Chief Industries Officer Jason Calocouras and Functional Manager Maree Kelly were also officially recognised as commissioned officers at the ceremony, after receiving their commission from Assistant Commissioner Kevin Corcoran.

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