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National Corrections Day: Wagga ComCor says ‘Walk with Us’

Last published on 11 Jan 2021 in Media releases

National Corrections Day will be celebrated in Wagga Wagga on 15 January to recognise the almost 25,000 frontline correctional staff across Australia, who work hard keeping our prisons and communities safe and secure.

The 2021 theme, Working together to reduce reoffending, acknowledges the work Community Corrections staff undertake to reduce reoffending through innovative programs, education, rehabilitation initiatives and positive interactions with offenders.

The team at Wagga Wagga Community Corrections are hosting a ‘Walk with Us’ event, inviting important community partners including local Police, Riverina Aboriginal Medical Centre, Women’s Health, LikeMinds, Murrumbidgee Pathways and government agencies including Community Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services and NSW Housing.

The group will walk alongside Community Corrections officers in a short stroll to the Wagga Beach for a breakfast barbecue.

Community Corrections Wagga Wagga Manager Paul Bonnett said his staff were responsible for managing people on parole and other court-ordered community sentences.

“Our staff foster meaningful partnerships with both government and non-government organisations to enhance offender rehabilitation and reintegration into the community,” Mr Bonnett said.

“The Walk with Us event reflects the value we place in these partnerships.

“It is also an excellent way to increase the understanding and profile of corrections and dispel some of the myths around the work that we do.”

There are about 1,800 Community Corrections staff working at 79 locations across the state, supervising offenders on parole and court-ordered community work and around 5,000 custodial officers ensuring the security and safety of the state’s 35 public prisons.

You can show your support for our colleagues at Corrective Services NSW by following the Facebook social media campaign.

CSNSW includes about 5,000 custodial officers, 1,800 Community Corrections staff, 750 industries workers, 720 psychologists and programs officers and 1,170 Security and Intelligence staff.

National Corrections Day began as a NSW initiative but by 2018 was recognised by all Australian states and territories as well as New Zealand.

Each state and territory celebrates the day with a combination of events including prison openings days and barbecues at our Community Corrections offices.

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