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Military Memorabilia Has New Home In NSW

Last published on 17 Jan 2021 in Media Releases

The installation of military posters gifted to the Anzac Memorial in Sydney will pay a further tribute to last year’s 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Acting Minister for Veterans Geoff Lee said there are almost 300 posters from Canberra’s Australian War Memorial that provide insights into the war.

“Most people recognise the ‘Uncle Sam – I want you’ and ‘Rosie the Riveter - We can do it’ American posters from the Second World War but now we can showcase Australia’s own rich history,” Mr Lee said.

“These posters were seen across wartime Australia to recruit, educate or advertise. It’s a glimpse into our past experiences, values and resilience which can inspire us today.”

One poster features a mother and child beneath the words, ‘You love them, fight for them’; another explains a radio shortage with ‘Tanks must have radio for contact with base’; and a third promotes joining the war effort through a Red Cross membership.

Anzac Memorial's Senior Curator and Historian Brad Manera said the majority of posters relate to Australia during the Second World War. However, international pieces are also in the mix and several are from the First World War, late 1940s-50s and the 1990s United Nations deployments.

“Having such a vast collection means people can really see the contrasts in art and messaging which different nations used during wars,” Mr Manera said.

“Most of these posters are in excellent condition for their age and were keenly sought by several cultural institutions, so we’re incredibly grateful to the Australian War Memorial for this gift.”

Another significant group of posters relate to the Royal Australia Air Force (RAAF) between 1933 and the 1950s.

“The RAAF will mark 100 years of service to Australia in March 2021, so there’ll be opportunities to reflect on the servicemen and servicewomen who dedicated their time to the security of our country,” Mr Lee said.

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