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Community Greening 2021 Survey: Have your say!

Last published on 08 Feb 2021 in Media Releases

The annual Community Greening survey of participants and stakeholders for 2021 is being held from Monday 8 February until Friday 9 April 2021.

Two surveys are being conducted:

  • Community Greening Participant Survey – asking social housing tenants about their involvement in community gardening and what this has meant for them.
  • Community Greening Stakeholder Survey – seeking the views of stakeholders (e.g. service

providers, tenancy managers) about Community Greening and their involvement with gardens in social housing communities.

A hard copy Participant Survey is available for those unable to fill in the online survey. Contact Phil Pettit, Community Greening Manager on 0447 420 173 to get a paper copy of the survey or to access the survey in selected community languages.

About Community Greening

Community Greening is a partnership between the Department of Communities and Justice and the Royal Botanic Gardens, supporting social housing tenants to create and maintain community gardens and participate in greening-related activities.

The program aims to facilitate tenant participation, wellbeing and skills development, and to improve the look and feel of social housing areas.

Since 2000, Community Greening has worked with communities to establish and support over 500 community gardens in social housing areas. The program supports a variety of gardens including bush tucker, floral, native, herb and mixed gardens.

Community gardens reduce social isolation and are a great way for social housing clients to meet people, learn about and grow plants, and even to reduce their fresh food bill.

For more information on Community Greening and how to get involved, visit:

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