Sydney South Eastern Sydney and Northern Sydney District DIAP

Directorate: Sydney South Eastern Sydney and Northern Sydney District DIAP

Division: Housing Disability and District services

Project summary

Focus Area:

  • Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours
  • Creating liveable communities

Project objective

Our purpose is to create a workplace where difference is normalised. A workplace where people with a disability feel happy and all staff feel confident to work together

What will success look like?

Staff become more confident disclosing their experiences, interacting and recruiting people with lived experience of disability.

Status report

Current Status:

Date: July 2022

Status Notes:

May 2021

The Sydney South Eastern and Northen Sydney (SSESNS) DIAP describes four key aims to be achieved over the next four years: improve staff disability awareness; help manager support staff with disability; provide workplace adjustments and ensure premises are accessible; and improve recruitment practices for equal participation.  Directors have been given carriage of one key focus area each, to ensure local leadership and accountability: one leads the disability awareness stream; another leads the Manager Support stream; a third leads the workplace adjustments stream; and fourth leads the recruitment practices stream.

July 2022

The SSESNS DIAP has become a standard agenda at the District Executive Leaders Team. The district's Principal Project Officer has been tasked to manage and report on progress. District's Executives are members of the DEN. The district's EDD provides updates to all staff about progress made in her newsletter. Staff are encouraged to attend the Disability confident training moules on Thrive.  SSESNS has also implemented the Peer Support Program in April 2021.

Last updated:

28 Feb 2023

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