Disability Confident E-Learning Update

Directorate: People Branch

Division: Corporate Services

Project summary

For this project People will partner with the Disability Employee Network to design and implement a capability uplift program aimed at supporting employees with a disability who are in entry level manager roles, and also enhance career development opportunities of aspiring managers by building leadership capability. This program is planned to launch in 2021.

Focus Area:

  • Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours.
  • Supporting access to meaningful employment.

Project objective

People team to partner with the Disability Employee Network (DEN) to conduct a review and update the two existing Disability Confident eLearning courses (for managers and employees) in order to reflect DCJ specific context and environment, include further information about the DEN, and how the DEN can provide support to the Department.

People team to include the updated Disability Confident (for Managers) eLearning as a mandatory course within the DCJ Manager Induction Pathway.

People team to include the updated Disability Confident (for employees) eLearning as mandatory courses within the DCJ enterprise wide Employee Induction.

The challenge

The existing eLearning courses have outdated content that aligns with former FACS and does not reflect our whole Department.

There is low engagement with the existing eLearning courses as both courses are not mandated and are not regularly promoted across the Department.

There is opportunity to increase awareness about the DEN and their role in empowering people with a disability and promoting a culture of inclusion.

Repeated feedback from the DEN has highlighted the need to build manager capability in working with employees with a disability.

Why is this important?

Mandating both eLearning courses will ensure our workforce is confident to know, say and do the right things when discussing disability or interacting with people with disability, as well as play a part in building an inclusive workplace culture.

By creating a more inclusive work environment we will be able to attract and retain staff with disability and achieve the NSW Government's goal of ensuring 5.6 per cent of government sector roles are held by people with a disability.

What will success look like?

Providing engaging eLearning courses that accurately reflect the roles, diversity, environments and service experiences of our Department and provide useful, clear information about the DEN.

New starters and managers having greater understanding of their role in actively upholding the principles of the DIAP and contributing to a more inclusive work environment at DCJ.

Managers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to competently manage and communicate with employees with a disability and support inclusion across the employment cycle.

Increased understanding across the Department about the DEN and their role.

How will you measure success?

High completion rates of the new eLearning courses and positive feedback received through targeted surveys.

People Matter Employee Survey (PMES) results will be used to measure if staff feel their disability is a perceived barrier to success in their role and if staff feel confident in creating and maintaining an inclusive work environment.

Increase in staff disclosing diversity information in relation to their disability, due to greater awareness and confidence in the support the Department provides.

Employees and managers from the Department are increasingly reaching out to the DEN for support, recommendations and advice.

Summary of key stages

Key Actions Outcome Due date Status

Scope project

Project scope completed

Not started

Seek endorsement and budget

Endorsed project scope and budget

Not started

Create project plan for delivery

Project plan, schedule and other documentation completed

Not started

Implement project

Approved updated learning content, work with developer to update eLearning and integrate into the Induction programs.

Not started

Review and evaluate project outcomes and success

Project evaluation report completed

Not started

Status report

Current Status: Not started

Date: 20/11/2020

Status Notes:

Status Explanatory Note:

Status reports provided:

Last updated:

23 May 2023

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